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We prepare our team to handle the job, environment and the weather conditions they will be facing. Our workspace, gear and equipment are then prepared for action.


We then execute our plan using our skilled climbers and well thought out strategy. After the job is done, we remove all traces of mess.

Quality Control

Our tools and equipment are checked for defaults. Then a final site sweep to make sure everything is in place and nothing is damaged.

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What is tree felling?

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Our Stockport tree removal service involves taking a tree down to a stump. In most cases the tree is cut into pieces and taken down to avoid damage to your property. In some cases, if space allows, a tree can be felled to the ground in one go.

Selecting a tree surgeon in Stockport who is efficiently trained is very important as there are a whole host of things that could go terribly wrong if not executed properly. Using our team of trained and experienced tree surgeons we are able to cut and drop branches in manageable bits or lower them to the ground with pulleys.

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When to consider tree removal?

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Tree felling in Stockport should only be carried out by trained specialists to avoid damage to properties and people. Our team of fully qualified and trained tree surgeons in Stockport can provide you with a safe and efficient tree removal service.

When should you consider tree removal?

  • When a tree becomes a risk to properties or the public
  • When a tree becomes weak and dangerous
  • When a tree becomes severely damaged
  • A tree is becoming an obstruction in someone’s yard

Tree Removal Advice

We understand the decision to have a tree removed can seem daunting. We typically hear customers asking if its even possible, is the tree too big, or too close to their property to remove? In all such situations we are able to provide a straight forward solution. From using a crane to access the highest parts of a tree, to a gradual tree fell in small sections, we’ll ensure you property and people are safe.

If you happen to have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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Lack of experience and training can lead to serious tree damage or even damage to your property or the people around you.

How are large Trees Removed

A tree can be taken down section by section, or if space allows we can bring in a crane and remove the tree all in one go.

Do you leave us with the stump

If needed, we can use our stump grinder machine and remove the leftover stump upon request.

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